SPP usage / Bluetooth USB dongle


I would like to connect a USB bluetooth dongle on a QNX system and use the SPP (Serial Protocol Profile) to connect to my mobile phone.

After io-usb , how should I proceed to be able to send commands to the dongle ? How to create a new device in /dev for it ? Any guideline on how to proceed ? I just need to send a couple of AT commands to the dongle, but no idea how to do that if the dongle is USB based. If the dongle is simply RS232 based, no problem of course.

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I don’t think that’s currently possible. There are no driver to support bluetooth over USB. In fact there is no bluetooth driver available in the release. QSS does have bluetooth driver, I beleive they were design by custom enginering. I do not know if there are plans to make it public, my guess is it isn’t in the short-medium term.