how to setup rate of ftp?

in my system,QNX runs as server,client can visit it by ftp,how to setup transmit rate of ftp ?on client side or server side?

If you are looking for bandwidth control, you can use the pureftpd (found on the 3rd party CD) to replace the default QNX ftpd server.

by the way,what’s the default value(maximal and minimal rate) by using ftpd?

noc,how to use pure-ftpd?where can I find the doc?

Check their website at

the website can’t be visited

works fine for me

Based on this article, China is blocking and is hosted on sourceforge …

You should consider using some of those open proxy servers to by pass those blocks.

noc,Could you mail the doc to me?,thanks a lot

There are whole bunch of files in Doc section, hopefull the attached README can help you:

sir,I have read it and try to use “pure-ftpd -T 256:64 &” to control the bandwidth of ftp,then I download file under windows from target,but I see the bandwidth is more than 4M/s,not small than 256k.why?

ok, I just read that README, and here is what it says about bandwidth control:

So basically you need two things for bandwidth throttling:

  1. compile the pureftpd with --with-throttling option.
  2. run the pureftpd with -T (or -t) option.

You mentioned -T, but have you compiled it with --with-throttling ?

but how to compile it?

Isn’t that documented in the same README file?

noc,I have read the readme file,sorry,maybe my english is poor,I can’t understand how to compile pure-ftp under qnx?Could you tell me how to do?thanks a lot

please help me,noc

I believe xtang compiled the version on the 3rd party CD. You can check with him to see if he made any QNX specific patches, if not, you can simply run the ./configure with desired options as documented in README, and then “make” and “make install”. All standard stuff.

I have install “pure-ftpd” using 3rd party CD,but I can’t find the file “configure”,why?

I can’t find the answer now,who can help me?

You need the source code of the pure-ftpd and “configure” is in there.

Look for the file “” on the CD. It should has the source code for all program, including pure-ftpd.