Installing QNX on second disc


I’m going to install QNX on second (slave) disc.
I would like to have standard Grub as master boot loader (as it’s now) and Grub will be “call” boot loader from second drive to load QNX. Because it’s my first QNX installation I would ask should I install QNX only with one disc connected and choose install QNX’s boot loader? Or there is option (durring installation) to install boot loader on second drive and left user ability to manual change MBR on first drive? (I don’t want to QNX modify my main MBR and contemporaneously allow me to boot QNX. Of course I know I ahve to manual change entry in Grub).

Thanks for reply

There is an option NOT to install the QNX loader and let your existing loader (GRUB) to handle the boot.

Thanks for reply and sorry for delay.

Today I installed QNX on second disk. I chose not to install QNX’s boot loader. After full instalation I added these lines to grub.conf:

title QNX 6.3.0 rootnoverify (hd1,0) makeactive chainloader +1
I think Grub works, because I see “Hit ESC for .altboot…”.
With no interrupt I see few lines of dots and then my computer restarts. When I hit ESC nothing happens (“Hit ESC for .altboot…” and nothing more).

Any idea what can be wrong?

check this thread on how to setup grub.conf to boot of second disk.

If that doesn’t work, you can use loadifs as a last resort…

Becasue it’s on second disk I chose to boot from second disc in bios and then QNX boots.

Now I’m now sure that grub works ok. During loading via grub I see >10 lines of dots after “Hit ESC…”. After boot via bios I see only one line and then info about DMA. It looks like grub couldn’t find the kernel.

That’s a good sign.

I assume you have already read the thread I mentioned and fixed your grub.conf ?

My fault. I made mistake with disc number in map command…
Now everything works.

Thanks for help.