how to interpret profiler output

I’m trying to track down some kind of memory allocation issue in my program under QNX 6.2.1. The qnx profiler shows a whole bunch of ‘unknown’ functions followed by a memory address eg “unknown - (0xb8204abf)”, in addition to all the normal threads, printfs etc… .

at the start of the program there are none of these ‘unknows’, but more and more of them pop up as the program runs, until eventually the program dies with a SIGSEV.

the profiler tells me that these ‘functions’ are being run and have an execution time.

can anyone help me to interpret what this means? unfornately the qnx doco for the IDE is not very comprehensive…

thanks in advance.


If it is still actual (or interesting for anybody):
You should compile your application with -g key (to include debug info).