NFS Question/Bug?

I am running QNX 4 on my CPU. The guy next to me usually runs Linux. I
have his file system NFS mounted on my CPU. If he powers down and I try to
access his system( i.e. ls /his_system ) my request will time out (if you
ask me it still takes too long, but it does time out).

If however, he is booted to WinBlows and I try to access his system (Note:
the mount_nfs was success hours ago while he was still using Linux) then my
request does not ever seem to time out (well, least I gave up after about 10
minutes). In both cases his system is using the same IP address.

Why can’t the QNX4 NFS properly detect that the WinBlows system will not
honor a NFS request to simply return an error quickly?

I am running Socket V 4.25H (June 30, 1999) and mount_nfs is dated May 15,

Can this be fixed?