where is stored the safescreen?

somebody knows the directory where the selected safescreen is stored

Look in /usr/photon/savers

here are all,if but the one that this at the moment running

huh? The settings are in the configure menu under “Screen Saver”.

as the OS knows that is going to execute selected screensaver?. I need to know in that directory of the system, to add this intruccion in my application and to add screensaver to him.

You are wanting to modify the screensaver prefs from your code?

Thanks for your aid, evanh…
… applicacion runs with the minimos requirements of the OS,
The application this generated by a Xippat stores in a flash card of 32mb, the minimos archives so that the OS runs.
These archives do not take formed to screensaver, for that reason, I want to know in that file is made this boot and to do it in the system files of my applicacion.

I think you’ll find there is a bunch of support files for getting the screensavers working, not the least of which is likely to be the Shelf.

How about just making your own little screensaver embedded in the exe, and not worry about Photon’s ones.