Link Lost, questions...


I have a few questions about lost links. I have just recently come across
them, and I was interested in knowing some more about them. So far, I have
been able to fix each one successfully, and without losing data. I would
copy whatever files I had in the problematic directories to another
directory, and zap the directory. I’d then remake the directory, copy the
files back over and tada! all good.

Now, I was wondering what might cause a lost link to be created (or lost).
I would like to be able to avoid this in my programs since it can cause some
very interesting problems with our software.

Also, is there a way to find out what path/file is causing the problem
outside of chkfsys, or possibly a way to have chkfsys give the path of the
problem file so I can handle them appropriately on my own? Any info is
appreciated :slight_smile:


R B Adler