PhinX and default palette


I just started using PhinX to display a Photon Session onto a Linux
box. Using the following commands on the QNX box, I was able to get a
window to display in the Linux box:

nohup Photon -N/dev/phinx &
phinx -V -display :0.0 -n/dev/phinx (I wanted to see
any error messages)

The window appears with a total black contents. On the QNX box, the
following messages are displayed:

Photon Graphics Driver V1.2A
GRIOopen default.pal: no such file or directory
Cannot open palette file: no such file or directory

I assume that this means that phinx can’t find the default palette
file. How do I ensure that it will find the palette file? Is there an
environment variable somewhere that I need to set?

Thanks in advance.

Rodney Lott