Where to add interrupt process code using phAB ?

Hi, group,

Thanks for your replies that I’ve learned it’s much the same interrupt

codes under text mode can be applied under photon GUI.

And, there are further quetions as follow:

I use phAB, the application I’m doing consists of only one C code

file of PtTimer callback, the others are some pieces of widgtes.

I’m wondering where to add my interrupt process code:


abmain.c won’t, and indSfiles seems ineffective for me.

As the things work as planned, I would like to ask what’re the proper

debug methods deal with the interrupts on photon GUI. Thanks.

Peter Z


Debugging is the same as ever:
If you are using an ISR, InterruptAttach(), then log info in a buffer and display it from outside the ISR.
If you are just using InterruptAttachEvent() then you are at normal thread level and can do whatever you like including using gdb on it. Of course, the hardware you are ment to be servicing might not be so happy about that though.

Do not use InterruptWait() in the main thread as you will upset photon. Instead, make a new thread for it.