How to setup 2 NICs/2 IPs per machine


I have a dual redundant LAN config. That is each machine has 2 NICs. One is
designated as LAN1 the other LAN2. All LAN1 NICs are plugged into a LAN1
switch and all LAN2 NICs are plugged into a LAN2 switch. LAN1 switch and
LAN2 switch are not cross connected in anyway.

I then have 2 printers. Each printer has a single IP interface. One is
connected to the LAN1 switch, the other to the LAN2 switch.

I want to be able to print to both printers from any machine. I also want
the printing functionality to maintain independence with respect to each
machine so that if every other machine is powered down I can still print.

From above I figure the way to achieve this is to NOT use qnx spooling and
only use ip spooling. IP spooling would need to be configured on each
machine. The problem I come to is being able to communicate via IP to each
LAN switch.

I’m not a complete stranger to configuring IP communication or LPD but this
is a little beyond what I know. Can someone give me a helping hand.


  • Richard