VT 8233 Sound

I have VIA Audio VT8233 onboard and the VT 8233 driver from the QNX 6.2.1 repository installed. The Problem is now, it does not work. No Sound. The Mixer show the chipset id, its the same as in 6.1. The system say no failure request. IO-Audio has started. Have somebody the same problem with this chipset in QNX 6.3?

Why say phplay in QNX 6.3 it can´t find soundfile.so?

Where are .ph/mpsettings in QNX6.3?

Why is in etc/config/media/mpregistry wav=soundfile.so? It´s now in 6.3 wav_parser.so??? And also the other entrys.

Thanx for help!

Try this:
projects.qnxzone.com/project/sho … lease_id=6

Mpeg621_for_630.tgz was already installed. It´s only relevant for Audio und Video Mpeg, but self with *.wav absolutely no sound. The player shows only the Bitrate and counter of the track Interresting for me is, to find out the problem: Have somebody a runnnig System with QNX 6.3 and VT 8233?

And mp3’s work ok?

No, mp3 doesn´t work.

check the volume controls in the mixer.

Is allready checked.

OK, now it works in 6.3. Now I have found Volume adjustment in mediaplayer. I have allways used only the mixer controls (100%) . In Addition to the mixer controls must I adjust the volume control in the mediaplayer. This adjustment was to low and so i have allready the mixer control for Master and PCM up to 100% and no Sound. The Mixer can´t control Mediaplayer Volume adjustment and the Mediaplayer can´t control the mixer adjustment. Confused.