QNX cannot detect floppy disc drive.

Hello all,

I am trying to install some drivers for QNX6 on PC104.
But QNX6 cannot detect floppy disc drives.

If you know how to detect floppy disc drives for QNX6 or some instructions for it, please tell me.

Thank you in advence,

QNX beginner :slight_smile:

Here are some instructions from the Neutrino User’s Guide (which you can now view as HTML on the QNX website):

The driver for a floppy drive is devb-fdc. In order to use a floppy
disk, you need to ensure that the floppy controller is enabled in the
BIOS, and that the BIOS is configured to recognize the correct type of
floppy drive (e.g. 1.44MB/2.88MB). The driver uses these locations as

  • I/O port 0x3f0
  • IRQ 6
  • DMA 2

If your controller is located at a different address, you can change
these locations in the driver’s options.

Note: The default cache size specified by io-blk.so is 15% of system memory,
which is excessive for devb-fdc. You’ll probably want to reduce it to
something more reasonable:

devb-fdc blk cache=128K &

The driver creates a /dev/fdx entry, where x is the number of the floppy
drive, starting at 0. If no entry appears, the BIOS settings might be
incorrect, or there could be a problem with the controller. Check the
output from sloginfo for clues.
Once you have an entry in the /dev directory, you need to mount the
floppy disk. The mount command detects the type of filesystem you’re
using (e.g. DOS, QNXÂ 4), but you can also specify it on the command

  • To mount a DOS-formatted floppy disk, type:

    mount -tdos /dev/fd0 /fs/dos_floppy

    Use mkdosfs to format DOS floppy disks and DOS hard drives. This utility
    supports FAT 12/16/32.

  • To mount a QNXÂ 4-formatted floppy disk, type:

    mount -tqnx4 /dev/fd0 /fs/qnx_floppy

You don’t need to remount the drive when you change floppy disks.

Note: Don’t remove a floppy while the driver is still reading or writing data;
floppies are quite a bit slower than hard disks, so it can take a while.
Make sure the drive light is off.

Hi all,

Thanks Stever.
I can make progress; however, another problem appeared.

After I mounted the DOS-formatted foppy disk using below command as you advised,
mount -tdos /dev/fd0 /fs/dos_floppy
I have got the new folder “fs”.
But another folder “dos_floppy”(is this a folder?) may be corrupted.
The PC104 shows the below message.
“corrupted file system detected”

Then, I have another question.

  1. “dos_floppy” is a folder?
  2. What does this message tell us?
  3. What should I do for the next step?

Inquiry 3 is most important for me.

Somebody help me.

Thank you,

QNX beginner.

they look like folder but they are not physicaly store on the any file system. That is how devices are mapped under UNIX like system.

If you see corrupted file system detected when doing ls /fs/dos_floppy. Then it is either a bad or unformated DOS disk or a problem with your hardware. Does the light on the floppy turn on when you do ls /fs/dos_floppy