Installing programs in QNX


I am quite new installing programs in QNX.
I have downloaded the eclipse program from

As I download it (from Windows), I get a .qpr.tar file.
In Qnx, I dont know really what to do. I can unzip the file to get the qpm and qpk files. But I dont know how to use the package installer with them.

I have tried to rename the .qpr.tar file to .qpr and to use the package installer with it, but it seems as the installer doesnt detect any file from the qpr.

It happens to me also with other files that I have tried to install, I am sure
I am doing something wrong.

Could you help me?? I have QNX 6.2 and x86.

Thank you very much in advance

6.2 is shipped with an old installer and a new installer. Are you using the new installer?

I had QNX 6.1, but when Ive got the 6.2 (downloading from openqnx some months ago), I think it has update only some libraries. I havent got any new installer.

If this is the problem, where can I find it (NC)??

Thank you

I take it you have no internet access from QNX and thats why your downloading files from windows. If you have net access from the QNX side just redownload Eclipse with Voyager and it will automaticly open package installer and install. Otherwise place those extracted qpk and qpm in an empty directory. Say ~/repository is a good example. Then open package installer and type /home/yourname/repository in the url bar. Package installer should find the files and install them.