"OS start failed" with 1.44M QNX 4 Demo


Trying to use the DemoDisk I get the following error trying to boot:

OS start failed

sometimes I see

OS cksum failed

OS start failed

These messages are after the QNX bootloader loads to - 100% -

This is seen with 5 different diskettes build from windows & linux on
my machine;
from windows on a machine at work… ( both modem and network versions )
( all the diskettes work fine on the work machine !! ?? )

My home machine is a standard Intel Triton Pentium ( Quantex )
configured as such:

CPU = Pentium 100
Memory = 64 Mb
Modem = 3-Com 56k Sportster
Mouse = serial
Video = ATI Mach-64
2 HDD on primary IDE

I have looked extensively through the FAQs and the QNX web site,
no hits on the ‘start failed’ nor the ‘cksum’ problems

Has anyone else seen this? …Anyone have a clue as to what’s wrong?

  • Jeff -