Make GUI MiniImage BeginnerHow search for DiskOnChip / CF

hi -

i try to make a GUI Image on DiskOnChip for
a PC104/ EDEN C3

i would make a “little” beginner GUI for Test,
like the QNXDEMO Disk -

  • GUI, Voyager, Mail, Textpad
    all on a 1.44 MB Floppy

I habe
8 MB
12 MB
16 MB
32 MB
DiskOnChip for testing -

Where i can find a good Newbie How To?

The first - to boot from DiskOnChip
i have make good finnished,
and i have install New Bios from M-Systems.

The Mini PC boot and starts a shell after
booting from DiskOnChip .

Now i will make the GUI " with system builder "
have anyone a good beginner reference…?
or sample?

thank you!

i test with 6.3 on a
PCISA Half Size - C3 1Ghz PC104
C800EVR-1G from iEi



The only documentation available are the online help. There are some small tutorial I beleive for building a GUI. There is also a section for building embedded system.

If you are looking for a step by step recepie to do what you need, I don’t think there is one. You will have to read up and learn about the OS then use your brain to put the pieces together