Output Hardware Flow Control

I am having a small issue with using hardware flow control using QNX 4.25

My current configuration is as follows. A QNX machine outputs data through
ser3 (hardware flow control is enabled using stty +ohflow </dev/ser3). A
cable runs from my QNX4 machine to a windows machine that uses software to
monitor incoming data. The cable runs through a breakout box (to allow me to
control/see which lines are active) When I restart my machine, I only have
pin2 and pin3 active (transmit and receive) through the breakout box. I
would expect that no data should be sent through since ser3 is set to
hardware flow control which requires more signals than just the transmit and
receive. This in NOT the case. Data is transmitted regularly. Once I enable
then disable the CTS line, then the system behaves the way it should (i.e no
data is sent if only transmit and receive lines are active). The date of the
Dev.ser driver is Jun 16 1998.

Thanks in advance,