Debugging the execl command

Hey All,

I have a parent process running. Through a menu system a selection is
made that forks to a child process. The child process goes through
some initinailzation where upon it does a ‘execl (…,…,… )’
operation. When this is done the debugger comes up with task complete.
At this point the present child is slain and the new process starts up,
or the child continues what ever, with the same PID number.

My problem starts at the execl operation. I can not start a new pterm
to start a new debug section with the newly created child from the execl
command. If I do, photon locksup everything execpt the mouse. If I exit
the task complete session the new child takes over and I can not debug
it. I could remote debug it but I do not know how to hold off the new
child untill I can get there. If it goes into lockup I can no longer
communicate through a telnet session. So, does anyone know how I can
continue my debugg session after teh execl command is made? I would
rather not remote debug because this has cause me loads of problems in
the past with getting everything set in just the right mode.