[Urgence]scheduler problem!

scheduler is very important to realtime or embeded system to meet time constraince,as we know.as I am a begginer for both QNX and embeded/realtime system,there is a few question as following need to be known:
1,when built up a embeded/realtime system,is there offen a need to make a special scheduler for all the tasks?
2,if there is such a need in each project,than how to use one own scheduler in QNX?I mean is there any documentation I can learn from,please point them out for me.

any help will be appreciated!waiting on line for answers!

Mary Loo from China


QNX scheduler should cover most need. If not I would pick a different OS that fit your requirement

It is not possible to replace the QNX scheduler with your own. You could write your own scheduler as a sub-system, but your scheduler itself would be bound by the rules of the OS

Before even thinking of “replacing” the QNX scheduler, i suggest you read the documention.

or for online browsing … openqnx.com/static/neutrino/ … SCHEDULING