Hard drive problems

I am having a problem with hard drives and QNX4.

  1. Initially everything works ok, system loads, chkfsys reports ok,
    dcheck reports ok, and the
    system runs for weeks
  2. Then copying a 1K file goes from taking seconds to minutes.
  3. Booting the system goes from 20-30 seconds to 2-3 minutes.
  4. ‘chkfsys’ reports no problems, but takes a long time to complete.
  5. ‘dcheck’ reports no problems, but appears to run in “fits and
    starts”. By this I mean it
    spins through a bunch of sectors, stales for a second, spins on,
    stales, etc., until it
    is done.

What we are using:

Using a Versalogic VSBC-6 w/266Mhz AMD, 64MB RAM, Fujistsu 2.1GB 3.5"
hard drive.
QNX 4.25 and Photon 1.14.

The hard drive is being setup in CHS, not LBA., but we are running
Fsys.eide without the “-l”
option. I am a bit confused by the docs on this option because it has
this option defined as
“-l lba”. What is the “lba” for? I thought it was only a switch to
turn QNX use of LBA on/off.

I suspect our setup, but I am unclear as to what options should be used,
both on “Fsys” and on
“Fsys.eide”. Any help is really appreciated. Thanks.

Ivan Bannon
RJG, Inc.