QNX 4.25 Instalation Problems

I am trying to install QNX 4.25 on a “new” computer.

The computer is a Digital Celebris XL 5120
120 Mhz Pentium
NCR 53c810 scsi controller with a 4 Gb scsi drive
Intel PCI 82557 ethernet card

Originaly the problem was getting

QNX Loader
Boot Partition 1
(Unable to find OS - or something similar)

I re-fdisk-ed the disk using fsys h=255,63

now what I get is the following

QNX Loader
Boot Partition 1
Press Esc for alternate OS…_

(that is 5 dots appear quickly) and then the computer hangs…

If I boot from a floppy I can perform

mount -p /dev/hd0
mount /dev/hd0t77 /hd
/hd/bin/prefix -R /=/hd/

and get full access to the drive.

Anybody have an idea what the problem is?

I should add that the install was done from floppy.

I do not know what patch level I have (A,B,C…). I will look into it.

The install was done with the following command

install -p “fsys h=255,63”

build script is

$ boot -vp

$ Proc32 -l 2

$ Slib32

$ Slib16

$ Fsys

$ Fsys.ncr8scsi fsys -h=255,63

$ mount -p /dev/hd0 /dev/hd0t77 /

$ sinit TERM=qnx

I do not believe that the OS is getting out of ./boot as I never see the
output from the -v option!
At what point would that output usually appear?

To me it looks as though the boot image is either corrupt or not entirely
located where the boot loader can access it (I think it must be with the
first 1024 cylinders).

Try installing to a small partition (say 50 MB) to see if that makes a

It may also be worth it to get the Fsys.sym8scsi driver and try that.

  • Richard