QNX/Windows network

Ok, so let me just explain now that networking is not my strong suit.

My problem is is that I cannot get my QNX box to talk to my Windows XP box. I set up the network cards as manual configurations, set the IPs as on the QNX box, and on the windows box, and as the mask.

The machines are connected by two non-crossover cables plugged into a hub.

everything else works fine on the QNX box, I can access the internet via DHCP and my cable modem, but I’m trying to set it up as a gateway for a network and all the help I can find is to get QNX to talk to other machines.

Thanks in advance guys.

What have you tried to do to make them talk? Does ping work?

Nope, ping doesn’t work, when I try to ping the windows machine from the qnx machine I get a “the ping was severed” error. Are there any settings I need to make to use the QNX box as a gateway? I am currently using the big stack, but I’m stuck as to why nothing will work.

Not normally. Care to post the output of “ifconfig -a” and “netstat -r” from your QNX box and ipconfig from your Windows box?

can the xp box ping to itself?

Ok, so I finally got back to testing stuff.

The QNX box can see the windows box on the network, it lists it when I run netstat -r, but I still get a “the ping has been severed” error when I try to ping it. The windows box can ping itself but it just times out when I try to ping the QNX box.

The windows box is set to with an IP mask of and dns is currently set to

EDIT: I’m sorry it’s not a “the ping has been severed” error, it’s a “the connection has been severed” error. uhhh, my monitor is too small, yeah, that’s the problem.

Well, it would be good if you posted the raw output from the commands I asked for the output from. ;)