libao, libogg, libvorbis ;(

Have someone ever made this?

I don’t know what doesnt work, but looks like everytihig
like od: unknown option -x,
really strange sets of libraries copmiled and installed,
lots of unresloved symbols while making libvorbis,
test programs that, does not see licludes in /usr/local/include,
and so on…

I’m sure i’m too stupid to get this to work, have someone ever made any packeges with these libs? Or something else i can use?

P.S. Trying to build UQM under QNX… ;D

I have some ogg/vorbis packages.

Builds cleanly, 'cept for that little od warning that gets printed out.

QNX6’s “od” doesn’t support the -x option, either they will read this and add the option, or cdm can probably “fix” the libtools to use -t x2 instead.