Dear Sir,

I’m working on a project and I have to generate file in a directory via FTP. This files have to be send by email. I would like to know the required files and library that I have to use, so I can create a mailclient for POP3 and SMTP for QNX v6.3. I have try with mailx but a could’n configurate the mailx file because when a copy the file from de window explorer to my target I wil get a error saying write invalid argument. I also would like to know why I get the error when I want to configure the mailx file.


Marlon Isabella

You want to write a program which can send an email? A simple and configurable way to do it is to look at the modules available for Python, PERL, or Java. They are of course available as C libraries too. There are lots to choose from, so just check out a few using Google.

If you just need to send a mail, you don’t need POP3, just an SMTP library.

I can’t comment on the mailx error without seeing it.



mailx on QNX requires sendmail to run.
You can install “sendmail” from the 3rd party CD. You can probably copy the config file (sendmail.cf) from somewhere else if you don’t know how to configure it.