Help:How to make the top black line of PtList disappear?

When I use the PtList, there is always a black line on the top of it.I try to set every property of the PtList,but still useless.
How can I make it disappear?

Help me!Thanks very much.

never saw a black line on the top of PtList, can u post a screenshot or source code regarding creation and setting of the PtList ?

In the attachment

when i import the Ptw_Hello.wgtw i dont see any PtList widget in there

Below is the correct wgt file.

Looks like a bug with the Pt_TOP_ETCH Basic Flag in the PtRawList or one of its SuperClass parent

Thank you very much.
But can someone give me some suggestion to solve this problem.

Well, for example, you can create a dummy PtPane which you will position over the top line of PtList which is displayed incorrectly and set its properties to visually resemble the environment as shown in attached file.

And hope this will be fixed in next verision.

Thank you again!

And you found the same way just like mine,although my team leader didn’t agree.
At least,We found a bug.