Installation revisited

Hello again!

I posted a thread the other day and Ken helped me a great deal however I
need to revisit this issue.

What I have is a formatted, bootable 64mb Disk On Chip. I also have the
installation files for the machine on the hard drive. I want to install a
full copy of QNX to the DiskOnChip however when I run the install program
(using the command line install -d -p “n:hd0” command.), I get a message
that says “The software package will be installed from the drive: /dev/fd0”

Is there a way to force QNX to install off the hard drive versus the floppy?
I thought there was a paramter for QNX that accomplished this but I can’t
find it. If not, is there a way to copy the contents of the hard drive to
the DiskOnChip (i’m sure there is, so any tips would be great)?

Eventually, when QNX is running on the DiskOnChip, I will be pulling the
hard drive and will only have Photon, and QNX runtime on the DiskOnChip.

Thanks for all your help!