Audio help - need a jump start

I am evaluating an Ampro LB-P6d board which includes an onboard
PCI audio interface. The audio chipset is Trident 4DWAVE-NX PCI.

Obviously, ‘Audio’ doesn’t know how to detect this card. After
looking through QNX support site, it seems that PCI isn’t supported
and a reference is made to /usr/free/qnx4/multimedia/ALSA2.

The good news is that deva-4dwave detected the audio support.
The bad news is that I am unable to verify if it works. I tried
to use ‘aplay’ with several WAV files but none of those worked.
It printed out various text messages as it was playing like
“trident_XYZ … blah, blah, blah” and stopped as if it had
played something. I didn’t hear it though. I started up
usr/photon/mixer and verified that nothing was muted. I can
get the speakers to beep at me just like the PC speaker if
I hit “ESC” multiple times.

Has anyone had success with the deva-4dwave stuff? Can someone
send me a known good WAV file that they can play with it? Are
there any alternatives to aplay? I also tried mpg123 and it
did the same thing (looked like it played, but couldn’t hear

I’d like to get something to play on this thing (other than
that beep I mentioned).

I have to get something working in QNX4, so switching to Neutrino
or RTP isn’t an option.