Intel Netport Express vs. LPD

I use an Intel Netport Express print server on the network to
share printers between NT4, Win2K, and QNX4 machines. The QNX4
machines use lpd for printing.

Recently, the Netport Express firmware was updated to v5.41, and
afterwards the QNX4 boxes could no longer print. I then installed
a newer 5.50 firmware version, which didn’t help. When I reverted
back to the 5.10 firmware the QNX nodes could once again print.

Intel says that there are no known LPD problems with the Netport
Express, and that it sounds like the QNX lpd is not correctly
interpreting the queue status of the print server.

When a QNX node is trying, and failing, to print, and lpc status
command looks like this (pserver is the host name of the print

$lpc stat
queuing is enabled
printing is enabled
1 entry in spool area
waiting for queue to be enabled on pserver

It then waits forever for a queue to be enabled.

Any ideas?

If not, is there some way I can get the source to QNX4 lpd in an
attempt to resolve this issue?