Fsys.eide problem with IBM Microdrive 1GB


I’m trying to get an IBM Microdrive 1GB to work with QNX 4.

I have installed QNX 4/Photon 1.14 on the drive several times.

The installation goes without a problem.

After the install, when I reboot the system, I get file system corruption.
I’m in the QNX 4 shell before I shutdown the system and I wait 5 to 10
seconds before I do the shutdown. There are no programs running. This is a
fresh install.

I have used the same machine here with QNX 4, using a regular hard drive
with no problems for a long time.

I have also installed IBM PC DOS 2000 on the Microdrive using the same exact
hardware and I have no problems after I reboot the system. I have filled up
the DOS drive, removed/copied files and done a NDD several times and it
never fails.

At this point I think there is some sort of problem with the Fsys.eide
driver for QNX 4 (from the latest CD)? Or I have some sort of configuration

What is happening here?

Why do I get file corruption after reboot/power up?

What can I do to get to the root of the problem?