Where is the driver?

Dear All…

1- Where can I download driver for RL 8139C Ethernet Controller in QNX 6.3?

2- Where can I download driver for chip set VIA VT8606 in QNX6.3?

3-Could you all suggest the best model from any brand, Half-size Embedded ISA IPC that fully support for QNX 6.3?

Pls reply soon as my boss killing me now…

Thank You

1 - I think 8139 is supported. If it’s not maybe you just need to provide the vendor and device id to the driver (check the doc).

2 - QNX has no driver for chipset.

3 - I can’t, hope you will survive.

1 - RTL8139 works well.

2 - I’ll guess that devg-s3_savage.so is your best bet.

3 - qnx.com/developers/hardware_ … index.html