compiling PHP5 or PHP4.3.x with --enable-sockets


Has anybody compiled PHP5 or PHP4 for Neutrino 6.3 with --enable-sockets?

My problem is that the PHP package available for Neutrino 6.3 does not support sockets, i.e. is compiled without --enable-sockets. I have tried to compile PHP5 with this option enabled, but I have not succeeded. The configure sommand I used is

./configure --enable-sockets --with-apxs=path-to-apxs --disable-libxml --without-iconv

The last two options were needed because with them the configure does not work. As far as I understand building with this configuration should yield However, for some unknown to me reason the shared library is not created. Instead, libphp5.a is created. No comilation errors produced (I have fixed some minor problems).

Any help is appreciated. I do not necessarily need php5. php4.3.x would also do. However, I need the support for sockets.


Assuming you have all the necessary GNU tools installed from the 3rd party CD (or online repository).

libtoolize -f -c
./configure … (your options)

Good luck!

You might want to try the new libtool/autoconf/automake for QNX 6.3 from