DiskOnChip w/Versalogic CPU vs Photon Install

I have successfully installed QNX 4.25D on a Versalogic VL-586-1 CPU
w/DiskOnChiP (DOC) (Basically you build a base system on the DOC using a QNX
device driver for access, then copy over the required files and utilities.)

o The DOC boots to QNX cleanly

o The hard drive is NOT configured in when I boot to DOC

o I have Photon MicroGui install floppies, not a CD

o When I try to install Photon from floppy I get total failure:

I insert Floppy #1 and type: install /dev/fd0 but, when the install
util should be loading the license I get an error stating: “Unable to access
drive: No such device or address” then the “Restoring the archive…”
message is displayed followed by continual “pax: Ready for volume x” “pax:
Type “go” when ready to proceed (or “quit” to abort):” prompts.

o I have confirmed the Photon install floppies by using them to install Ph
to a hard drive

o Versalogic confirmed that the DOC is an exact simulation of a hard drive
and their should be NO differences.

Any ideas?

Ray L.