Font displayed differently in QNX 6.2 and QNX 4.25

Please help.

I am using phditto on a laptop to drive a large LCD screen from an
embedded application using QNX 4.25. QNX 4.25 doesn’t recognize any
PCMCIA cards in this laptop, so I loaded 6.2.

After copying over all of the files from the 4.25 system, running
mkfontdir and font_install and setting PHFONT_USE_EXTERNAL to 1, most of
the application looks correct. However, in this application one font is
used that is not on the system. helv20b is used. When text is displayed
using this font, it shows up too big.

Various other helv fonts exist (helv18?, helv14?, helv24?). I tried
mapping helv to swiss. I have tried copying helv18.phf to helv20b.phf.
After each try, I restarted. The font doesn’t change. I tried changing
the properties using fontadmin. Still no change.

Any suggestions on why this font looks wrong in phditto on a 6.2 system or
how to fix the problem will be very gratefully appreciated.

Karen Lahey