Apache using DHCP on QNX 4.25

Hi all,

On my project we have a requirement to be able to switch from a
static IP to DHCP (and back). We also have to run the apache web sever
(we’re using version 1.3.9). Of course all works well with the static
IP but I get the “gethostbyname” error when on DHCP. I’ve researched
this some but can’t seem to get it to work with QNX (other posts deal
with Linux and there seems to be enough differences).

So, has anyone gotten apache to work with DHCP under QNX4.25? Any
suggestions will be most appreciated. Do I need to change my ServerName
in httpd.conf dynamically or update /etc/hosts dynamically? So far I
haven’t gotten anything to work even with hardcoded values.