how to get version of os...and more


there is one computer with a qnx operating system installed. its a quite thin installation, so i don’t know if for example samba is installed.

how can i get the version of the operating system (guess its 6.2.1) and how can i get information, whether or not a samba-server is installed??



The uname command can give OS version, Samba is not installed by default on any QNX version, but if you run qnxinstall, then you can check from there and install it if you want.

thx @ tehgman:
but there is one more problem:
it seems there is no “qnxinstall” on the system…:frowning:

# qnxinstall
sh: qnxinstall: not found

is this possible??
what else can i do to install check whether or not samba is installed??

thx & greets

I think this would do it:

find / -name smb