NFSfsys problem


I have a strange problem using NFSfsys. Here’s my setup :

NFS V2 server on Linux

NFSfsys (v2) QNX 4.25 Client

NFSfsys -b 5000 -h 10 -i 160 -L

I use these options with NFSfsys since it’s the only way I can make it work
correctly and fast with data copy and compilation.

Here’s the little test I did :

created a tiny script :

echo “Hey”

This script works only 7 times out of 10 if I execute it on the NFS mounted
filesystem. I am getting different error messages :

  • Input/Output error
  • Exec format error
  • Service temporarily unavailable

It is the same with QNX programs.

And, by the way, I use the same UID/GID in QNX and Linux.

It is a NFSfsys bug, or a misconfiguration ?