TCP/IP - content-dependent behaviour

A file which contains (among other things,) several hundred numbers
of the form 128dddd will basically not go out over the internet.
If I change the form of these number to 128 dddd [space after the 8"]
the problem disappears.

This is happening on a customer’s stand-alone (1 node) machine which
has 2 Net.epic cards, one to a private network, the other to the

The text file is about ~138KB. Sending the original file via FTP to
one site, about 20 KB of the file will go. Sending to my machine,
which has a higher connection speed, it may all go, but the speed is
about 3.3KB/sec. FTP’ing the file to its host machine (itself) is
very fast.

If I connect via telnet to view the file via vedit, cat or less, the
connection “hangs” on the original file, not the modified. If I
connect to the machine via qtalk - no problems with the bad file.

I haven’t yet tested using the other card (can’t get at it from here).

show_pci says the cards are SMC - the driver says “PRE-RELEASE”, dated
Jan 09 2001, size is 46083. TCP software is Tcpip-5.0. The DSL
connection is via a Lucent modem to SW Bell - 128up/512down.

Anyone have any ideas on who to fuss at?