Kernel-Dumps when using TCP/IP

Dear QSSL Team,

we actually have a problem eventually occuring kernel dumps
when using QNX4.25E with one of the latest TCP/IP (4.25H) modules.

Unfortunatly we can not reproduce this dump, but it happens from time
to time at our customer’s sites. The stack dump data isn’t available,
since we had to activate a hardware watchdog to ensure the function of
the systems :frowning: .

Before we dig deeper into this, we’d like to know, if there is probably
a known bug, explaining this behavour or if there’s even a
bug fix available.

We actually have no applications on these machines, attaching directly
to Dev, Fsys or Net (Net-Raw-Interface), nor applications that use
hardware interrupts directly, so we wonder, what can cause this.

We apprecitate any hints, that could help us to track down this nasty
thing … :slight_smile:)

Best regards,



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