QNX with Microcontroller


We have been using QNX 2 … QNX 4.25 for x86 based embedded systems
manufactured by us. We have also utilised the same for a number of networked
compters running applications developed using Photon microGUI.

Currently we have several requirements for which we need to
design/develop embedded systems (not x86 based, preferably microcontroller
based). We do not have any exposure of using QNX on platforms other than
x86. Due to our familiarity/experience of QNX RTOS, we intetnd to select a
platform which is supported by QNX Neutrino/QNX425. We require features like
embedded file system, serial I/O, support for redundant ethernet network,
TCP/IP connectivity, USB for the same.

Kindly comment on how this evaluation/selection process should progress.

Which all options do we have? (preferably microcontroller based)
Which is the best option (technically and commercially) available to
start off with the development of a prototype embedded system?