Compact Flash - QNX - Motorola Total5200 - No clue

I am very new to QNX, so I apologize for what probably is such a simple question, but I’m confused.

I have a Motorola Total5200 which runs QNX 6.2.1. Now the Total5200 has a spot on the platform for adding compact flash. However the documentation I received is poor at best and I cannot seem how to tell if the compact flash is even being recognized let alone figure out how to mount and use it under QNX. Anyone that can provide me some assistence will be greatly appreciated.

Is it a usb device?

Sorry for the late reply.

Not its not a usb device. The board has a spot where you can plug compact flash right into it.

When you plug the compact flash into the board and re-boot the PC does it show up in the BIOS and/or attached to the IDE controller? If it does, then it’s just going to be treated like a hard disk and will be accessible from devb-eide.

We have a compact flash disk that directly plugs into our board. It shows up in the BIOS and is attached to the IDE controller on the board. devb-eide finds it just nicely and we actually boot from our compact flash disk.

Assuming this is how it works on your board you can as root just do a ‘devb-eide &’ and see the list of connected devices to the IDE controller. The compact flash should show up as being seen in that list.

If it is, then you can use the ‘df’ command to see it’s dev entry and then the ‘mount’ command to mount it.

If you have more questions on this process write back what you see from doing devb-eide and df.