Tcpip 5.0 and NTO Nfsd problems

Hi all

We have installed Tcpip ver 5.0 on a QNX4.25 server used to develope,
compile and test our sw.
Editing is done on linux clients, mounting sw dirs on the server via

It seems that Nfsd give some problems: after some editing time, vim does
no more suxceed saving the files; it says “error writing swap file”.

Killing Nfsd and immediatly restarting it fix (mometarily) the problem;
NFS is udp-based, so no connections are lost, but it doesn’t seem the
nicest solution…

The same problem on a NTO6.1 server box.

Some hints?


  • Davide Ancri - Prisma Engineering
  • email = davidea AT prisma DASH eng DOT it