Shared Library question?

How do I create a shared library in QNX Neutriono 6.3? Is there a wizard that I use in Momentics IDE? I think I can choose a project to actually make shared library but how can I add objects file to this project??

furthermore, let’s say that I have successfully compiled a program that uses shared library. When this program is executing, do we need to load shared library explicitly using dlopen() in our main app or does the runtime linker automatically load nedded library when we call functions in our main app that is not reserved in the “Global list”?

Lastly, when shared library are loaded, who is it availble to? Are all the symbols in the shared library available to all the processes at the time it is loaded until is gets closed by dlclose()?

thanks ~

I have found the answer for how share library is loaded and who it is available to, but is there still a wizard in Momentics to create shared library out of PhAB???