How to use mkifs utility

I’m a beginner. I want to create a bootable image file from a buildfile.But I cann’t find mkifs utility under QNX 6.21 NC. Is there any thing like path need to be set?Thank you .

The mkifs utility is currently not included with 6.2.1NC.

How about QNX 6.1?My friend told me mkifs utlity is included in 6.1.

Yes, it is part of 6.1.


i would like to run the QNX Version 6.2.1 NC on an old 486 (only for hobby/student purpose),
and I would like to develop on an fast PC running QNX 6.2.1 NC.

My problem is, that the mkifs tool isn’t included in the version 6.2.1 NC .

Is it not possible with the 6.2.1 NC version to use an old 486 as target ?

I have heard, that mkifs was included in the version 6.1.0 NC. Is it possible to copy them
from the version 6.1.0 to the version 6.2.1 ? If, can anyone post them ?

Thank you very much for your help !

You can use it on a 486. No need to use mkifs.

How should i install QNX on the 486 at a flash or a small harddisk ?

Why is mkifs not needed ?

Thank you very much for your help !

Well, flash might not be an option with the current NC download. But if you have a harddisk in the 400-600M range QNX will install just fine.