QNX connect to Dos computer

Hello everybody!

I have a qnx computer and two Dos computer connected to a switch. qnx
computer is a tcpip client, runing samba to access a shared folder on
those Dos computers. Dos computers have static IP address, and running
as file server. Ususally they are working well. But there are one
situation that when I boot qnx computer first, there are error mesage
said " mount faild: connecting timed out". yes, that’s ok, because those
dos computers don’t work at this time. After that, the qnx computer come
to the logon screen.
Now, I turn on the Dos computer, it will stop at tinyrfc.exe, waiting
for press any key. I don’t have keyborad with dos computer. If I reboot
the Dos computer it works well.

I will highly appreciate any help
thank you.

the following is some infomation about my system:

Dos autoexec.bat

LH /L:0;1,29952 /S C:\NET\net initialize
LH /L:0;1,736 /S C:\NET\umb.com
LH /L:0;1,76784 /S C:\NET\tcptsr.exe
LH /L:0;1,18480 /S C:\NET\tinyrfc.exe
LH /L:1,32416 C:\NET\nmtsr.exe
LH /L:1,13984 C:\DOS\share.exe
LH /L:0;1,10640 /S C:\NET\net start server

qnx tcpip.4

#! /bin/ksh

export SOCK=$NODE

/usr/ucb/Socklet -p 1 node$NODE &
/usr/ucb/ifconfig lo0 localhost up
/usr/ucb/ifconfig en1 node$NODE up
/usr/ucb/inetd /etc/config/inetd.4 &

sin ver output

/boot/sys/Proc32 Proc 4.25J Sep 09 1999
/boot/sys/Proc32 Slib16 4.23G Oct 04 1996
/boot/sys/Slib32 Slib32 4.24B Aug 12 1997
/bin/Fsys Fsys32 4.24V Feb 18 2000
/bin/Fsys Floppy 4.24B Aug 19 1997
/bin/Fsys.aha7scsi scsi 4.24M Mar 23 1998
//4/bin/Dev32 Dev32 4.23G Oct 04 1996
//4/bin/Pipe Pipe 4.23A Feb 26 1996
//4/bin/Dev32.ser Dev32.ser 4.23I Jun 27 1997
//4/bin/Dev32.ser Dev32.ser 4.23I Jun 27 1997
//4/bin/Dev32.ansi Dev32.ansi 4.23H Nov 21 1996
//4/bin/Dev32.par Dev.par 4.26 Feb 24 2000
//4/bin/Dev32.pty Dev32.pty 4.23G Oct 04 1996
//4/bin/Fsys.eide eide 4.25A Feb 09 2000
//4/bin/Iso9660fsys Iso9660fsys 4.23D Mar 20 2000
//4/bin/Net Net 4.25C Aug 30 1999
//4/bin/Net.ether1000 Net.ether100 4.24B Jul 24 1998
//4/bin/Dosfsys Dosfsys 4.23E Jan 21 1997
//4/bin/cron cron 4.23B Oct 30 1997
//4//usr/ucb/Socklet Socklet 4.25H Jul 30 1999
//4/bin/SMBfsys SMBfsys 1.30I Dec 07 1999
//4/usr/bin/lpsrvr lpsrvr 4.24A Jun 26 1997
/photon/bin/Photon Photon 1.14B Sep 03 1999
//4/*/bin/phfontpfr Photon Font 1.14H Jun 05 2000

samba used to mount dos folder
#! /bin/sh
SMBfsys -d20 &
sleep 1
mount_smb -mu //DOS_SERVER1: /DOS1
mount_smb -mu //DOS_SERVER2: /DOS2
sleep 2
lpsrvr -f /etc/config/lpsrvr.$NODE &