Some QNX questions


My usb mouse does cannot be run on QNX. What must I do to make my usb mouse work on QNX?

What is the exact proceedure to make our files be visible in both QNX and Windows XP? Do we have to reinstall windows under FAT32 partition?


No, it’s easier. Topu can see windows files from QNX, so you just have to save your files into a windows directory. Windows files are in
/fs/hd0-dos or similar. The next time you boot from windows you’ll see the files you’ve saved there. But be very careful about it, because you may have problems if you edit your files in windows and then you use them in QNX. For example if you edit a C program in windows, the IDE (Integrated Developmente Environment) will see it as a corrupted file, so you won’t be able to use it. I recommend you to make a backup of all files you save in windows.

Do a search on USB mouse on there are some explanation how to get USB mouse working.

As for sharing files between windows and QNX the best is to setup a FAT32 partition ( doesn’t have to be the main Windows partition). I do not know what grillosolitario is refering to when he mentions “topu”, but you won’t have any corruption problem if you go through a FAT32 partition which indeed will appear under /fs/… Just be carefull to use an editor under Windows that doesn’t end line with CR/FL.

When I wrote “topu” I was trying to write “you” too fast. Sorry.