Desktop for QNX (with poll)

Would you be interested in buying a desktop for QNX?

  • Yes!
  • Maybe
  • I’d only be interested if it was free.
  • No way!

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Please leave comments, questions, etc. about the desktop here.

Looks impressive, congratulation. I would probably have a look at it if there was a trial or free version. t I don’t have a need for this as I don’t use QNX6 as a desktop machine,

Did you draw all the icon yourself?

If the desktop goes ahead, there will certainly be a trial version, I’d never expect people to part with cash before trying it.

I did not draw the icons, they are a mixture of ones I have bought in icon packs, and mostly off the web. The appearance is far from final, so I’d hope to improve on the looks.



i think so ^^ :blush:

A trial version would be a great idea, and greatest one would be to do like the 6.3 QNX version : to let free the uses of basic fonctions like icons on desktop without file explorer ( or with file explorer but still in basic uses allowed ) or somethings like that … :laughing:

It was always in the plans to make a trial version, be it nagware, shareware, 30-days trial or whatever, but unfortunately it does not look like there is much demand for the desktop at all. Without demand, there is not really any incentive to develop software, free or not. I’m giving thought of what to do now, whether to release a dodgy beta just to give people an idea of what it is like or something.

Thanks for the interest.

Does the desktop use the new mmedia library to playback mp3’s etc?
The smb/mount tool, does it use console based smbd or something else?


mmedia: yes, makes it very easy to get progress through a song etc.

It uses fs-cifs, which basically means it does not work properly ;-) NFS mounts work OK though, I put in Samba support on the off chance QSS will fix/replace the broken fs-cifs, but I don’t think that is going to happen.

So, whats the verdict? I say release that puppy!

Nice screenshots… :slight_smile: I would like to use Desktop for free

thegman, are you a registered user of SE or PE version? According to MEULA, you can’t sell your software compiled on 6.2.1 NC or 6.3 Eval… So, you need buy SE or PE and Multimedia TDK to sell your Desktop. Think about it…

macgorilla:Well, unfortunatly the poll indicates that there is practically no demand for a desktop on QNX, so for the time being, it’s not going to get released.

AG: I told QSS what I was doing and they gave me a free copy of PE. But they said if it became a commercial concern, then they would re-evaluate whether I continued to get it free. At $10,000 I’m obviously not going to pay for it, as best case scenario, I was never going to make anything like that from sales.

Anyway, I think it is all acedemic now… :frowning:

If you want that people help you to finish your development you should make Desktop open source…

Do you really want to sell Desktop? It is no place for desktop commercial software under QNX. QNX is OS for embedding and process automation. In this field we should make money… ;)

I’ve no plans to make it open source ATM.

I intended to make the desktop shareware, I never expected to get rich from it. I think the problem with embedded markets is that to make money, you need to deal with big companies, and big companies like talking to big companies, men in suits etc. Not a one-man band. Another downside is that you have to give QSS a large amount of money…

Just wanted to see what was going on with a desktop OS. Is blackberry designing it?