Fsys driver wierdness

I hope there is someone who can explain what is going on here.

There is a RAID card (ICP Vortex, GDT8523RZ 64 bit PCI ) in a Compaq
Proliant 520G2 machine with 3 18G drives in a RAID 5, 1G ram, Xeon 2.5G.

This model card is known to work with 4.25 (at least on non-Compaq

I was able to install the OS off the CD, and the system reboots off
the RAID, but the driver (Fsys.gdthscsi) says there is no /dev/hd0.

If I reboot from the CD and use the pterm to load the driver by hand,
the QNX partition is there.

If I boot from a floppy and start the driver by hand, the drive is not
found. If I make a floppy boot image that includes the driver, the
hard drive is not found.

So what’s the difference between booting from the CD and booting from
anywhere else? One thing is that the Proc ver that boots the CD is 4.24.
Another is that Photon and some other things such as Fsys.eide are
running from the CD. Are these likely to make a difference?

I looked at sin everything, and flags and sigs are different, but that
might be because the driver didn’t fork after finding the drive???

Is this likely a Compaq wierdness?