HELP!!! Interrupt problem for PCI card with PLX 9052

I have PCI card for which we R using PLX 9052 as interface.

We R working successfully with the board using qnx4.
But while dealing with interrupts we R facing some problems.
When ever intr. is generating from the board its not getting serviced.

Prev. we have device drivers for this card in windows NT
environment.There we dealed with intr.s also.But here in qnx4 we R getting
the problems.

Before initiailzing the interrupts,we are setting some bits for the
interrupt control/status register of PLX chip.
After setting,when we read this register we could not see one bit active
ie.,interrupt active which is supposed to get set.

When we read this register in windows NT env. we could see that bit set
where intrs are working fine.

Any body has any idea regarding this PLX Intr. control/status register?

Plz. help in solving this prob.