Fault at boot time of a diskless cPCI card

The card is booting qnx4 from another qnx4 host via bootp using the
following image (QNX4.25 Patch E):

$ boot -v

$ Proc32 -l 2 -P 27 -zn -p 1000

$ Slib32

$ Slib16

$ Net -n 5 -T

$ Net.ether82557

$ sinit -r //1/ TERM=qnx TZ=$(TZ)

Normally it works but I found a card that hang and restart just after
the correct boot of the OS. I see on the local VGA the printouts of
bootp, then there is the QNX starting logo for a while then the card

I added Debugger32 to the image to understand the cause of the reboot.

After booting from the network Debugger32 is immediately activated; I am
supposing from the documentation this is the normal behavior. I use the
“g” command to continue execution and Debugger32 stops again, and at
this time if I issue the “g” command the card restarts.

So I think the second time Debugger32 stops just before restarting. I
would like to know the reason of this mortal decision. Unfortunately
Debugger32 reports only the registers at trap time, so it does not seems
a processor fault but it looks like the kernel itself decides to
restart.Is there someone that could help me with these information that
I got from Debugger32 at the time of the second trap ?

cs/00fo ss/00f8 ds/00f8 es/0008 fs/0060 gs/0000 ldt/0000
edi/0000f050 esi/00000001 ebp/00005820 ebx/00005aac edx/00000020
ecx/00000020 eax/00008200 e1p/0001594e esp/00005800 psw/00000246

Thanks in advance,

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