How about free mp3 filter for the new mmedia system ?

How about free mp3 filter for the new mmedia system ?

Due to lack of mp3 filter which now comes with mmedia TDK, anyone wants to write it’s own filter ? :slight_smile:

Phearbear is avowed and well-known person who is know everything about new mmedia filters :slight_smile: Phearbear ! write it for us !!! :slight_smile:

While porting all my qopencd stuff I am really missing my music collection :slight_smile: ! Phearbear, destiny of qopencd in your hands ! :slight_smile:

Hm… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well. I looked into this if I was to use the libmad. Due to the workings of libmad it would be pretty icky. Anyone know some other mp3 playback libraries? Preferably something that don’t use floating point operations as I would like to be able to use it on the ipaq as well.


How about one based of libmpadec? That’s the same one as used in mpg123 I think.
… I hope it’ll be OK, as I have it working here ;)
Just a very early one to inspire you to get ssh for me on the PublicCD =)
… … I can’t commit my work to the sf cvs currently ;D

Now show songlength+seek works.

Cool :slight_smile: !

I’ll try to port it, but … there was a cruel bug when running openssh on QNX6, do not remember does Chris sent his fixes to openssh team or not :slight_smile: