Accessing QNX 4/2 via minicom dialout from Linux

Our company is on a mission to eliminate all personal modems uses for
dialout, for security reasons.

One of the solutions they have provided involves a couple of Linux computers
on the outside of the firewall that we are able to SSH into. They are not
“Eager” to support QNX as well

Our application uses JAM developed screens and for historical reasons does
not “always” work on vt100/vt200 type terminals. What it does work on 100%
of the time is the “qnx” terminal type. We have used QWITS from Online Data
to access the screens from Windows flavored systems for years. But, now I
need to access the systems for support via a Linux box being used a a

What I have done is used Qwits to SSH into a Linux system and then telneted
to a QNX 4 system and I was able to run our screens with no problem. But,
when I use ‘minicom’ to dial a system I am met with failure, to display our
application screens.

Does anybody have any suggestion on how to have minicom not mess with the
data comming back from the QNX system it just dialed. I have been playing
with the command line switches but have had no luck.

All advice is appreciated.